The following terms and conditions apply to advertise contracts with The Admissions website.

  1. Advertisements can be placed at any place fixed for the advertisement on the Admissions website at a fixed price.
  2. Advertising prices will be determined on a monthly basis. However, advertisements will not be accepted for less than three months.
  3. Advertising space must be confirmed 1 week in advance subject to vacancy. In addition, if you want to place an advertisement in a preferred place, you have to sign a contract for 1 month in advance.
  4. After the expiration of the advertisement period, the contract can be renewed or canceled if desired. However, in the case of a new contract, the highest bidder will get priority over the fixed rate.
  5. Links can be added to ads. Ads can be published in the form of images or code.
  6. Advertising is the responsibility of the advertiser. However, if the website authority designs the advertisement, a separate charge will be applicable and will have to be discussed.
  7. Any article can be shown above all through promotion. In that case, the prescribed charge has to be paid in advance. Articles/admission notice/news should be provided to the concerned organization or person.
  8. A separate charge will be applicable for the preparation and publication of any promotional article/admission notice/news etc. by the Admissions Authority.
  9. Promotional reviews can be published by any organization. However, in that case, the responsibility of the relevant review lies entirely with that person or organization. Charges for publishing promotional reviews will apply.
  10. A separate charge will apply if the promotional review is made by the “Admissions” authority.
  11. Advertising charges must be paid in full in advance. If the advertisement is closed or canceled for any reason, the advertiser will get the prescribed amount of compensation.
  12. Advertising policies and charges/placement may change, increase, or cancel at any time.
  13. The information, content, destination, purpose, and all other liability of any advertisement is the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The advertiser will be bound to be accountable to the customary law of the country on their own and at their own risk.

Ad rate:

  • Article / Admission Circular / News Promotion Tk.3000 (3 days) for 1st position, Tk.2000 (3 days) for the second position, Tk.1500 (3 days) for the third position.
  • In case of creation of Promotional Articles / Admission Notice / News / Tk.2000 (one time) will be applied separately for each.
  • A charge of Tk 5,000 will be applicable for promotional reviews. No promotional place (posts 1, 2, 3) is applicable for promotional reviews. The package will be applicable for a promotional place.

Fixed ad:

  • Above all articles (780x 90 pixels / 350×280 pixels) Tk. 10,000 (per month)
  • Below all articles (780×90 pixels / 350×280 pixels) Tk. 8,000 (per month)
  • Tk.6000 (per month) for sidebar ads (250×250 pixels maximum).
  • Inside any article (250×250/350×260 pixels) Tk.5000 (per month).